Travel to Costa Rica: Hotel Reviews

The Best Western, Costa Rica

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

It was just 15 minutes from the air terminal and right in the center of the city. I felt just as it was a pleasant progress from being in the U.S. to being in an alternate nation since it is a major, worldwide lodging network. Everybody we talked with talked immaculate English however they were likewise local people so they were available to sharing any counsel you may require. The rooms were truly normal and clean with an incredible perspective on the patio and pool zone at the focal point of the lodging. We swam in the pool during the day (exceptionally perfect and very much kept) and the hot tub was situated to the side, somewhat more private, with a ‘boundlessness pool’ sort of feel. By and large, it was a straightforward lodging that offered only enough for us.

Lomas del Volcan, San Carlos

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Right up ’til the present time, it has been one of the most extraordinary and important spots I have ever remained. It may appear to be scrappy when you need to go off the principle street and drive up this soil trail on a slope for a piece, however then you arrive at an ordinary street and it takes you right to the fundamental lodging site to check in. The staff was mindful and inviting. It was a basic eating community, both indoor and open air with a fabulous smorgasbord. From that point, we needed to prop up the slope and strolled with our baggage to our own hovels. (lamentable drawback: nobody trucking you around the hotel) Towels formed into flamingos were propped up on each bed joined by rose pedals. The restroom was extremely huge and open which was decent when imparting to other people. We had a little entryway patio and a back yard opening up to all the lovely encompassing nature. At the point when we would take off in the mornings there would be monkeys swinging around the trees, directly outside our cottage!! It is likewise exceptionally near all the close by exercises, directly off the Arenal Well of lava!

Condovac la Costa, Playa Hermosa

Rating: 4/5 Stars

We remained at this enormous retreat directly off the sandy sea shores. There is steady tough and downhill voyaging so you’re in for a decent work out however fortunately there were golf trucks meandering around to assist visitors with getting around. The welcome work area was charming, with huge amounts of individuals around to help you. The rooms were alright, not totally 4 star commendable, yet it was everything else that made me give it this rating. They had a tennis court, game room, pool territory, karaoke, interminability pool, zumba exercises, salsa exercises, an incredible eatery, blessing shop and above all: their private sea shore entrance which just lead you to accomplish more! We scarcely even remained in the lodging the comforts kept us so occupied. We had no issues with anything here! Enthusiastically suggest.

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